Cabilao Island Dive Sites

Cabilao Island Dive SitesCabilao is a marvelous place for scuba diving and snorkeling. The area is the perfect dive spot for beginners and experienced divers. Scuba Diving is possible all the year round. The water temperatures in the dive areas of the Visayas vary between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore a 3 to 5 millimeter neoprene wet suit is normally sufficient. The visibility can range from 20 to 40 meters.

Housereef (Gorgonia Wall)

The wall is completely covered with beautiful hard- and soft coral. This reef offers a diversity of species, like scorpion fish, tunas, jackfish, barracudas, frogfish, nudibranchs of all kinds and pygmy seahorses.

View Point

This plateau covered with broccoli and some fan corals is a excellent place to observe the marine life. Situated in the northwest of the island, it is the home of the Pygmy- and the Thorny seahorse and frogfish as well. Occasionally some big fish like napoleons, schools of barracudas, jackfish and turtles show up.


Located next to the View Point, the Lighthouse is an ideal place for a safety stop and to extend your dive time. A slope covered with sea grass and corals expects you there. Because of its unique and rare diversity of species so many divers and underwater photographers has been inspired. Ghost pipefish, harlequin ghost pipefish, stone fish, devil fish, leaf fish and frogfish were already discovered at this place. Be ready for the night dive of your life...

Fallen Tree

The wall is richly covered with gorgonian sea fans and black corals. Also home to schools of barracudas / jackfish, turtles, frogfishes and nudibranchs.


The wall ends into this sandy plateau with a tremendous variety of hard- and soft corals. It is also the habitat of innumerable microorganisms like shrimps, snails and numerous fish schools. Due to some strong currents also school of jackfish and barracudas show up at this place. A dive not to be missed...

Looc Pier

Nice wall covered with hard- and soft corals. It is a good place to discover nudibranches, harlequin ghost pipefisch and much more...

Cambaquiz Wall

This place offers everything you need. A adrenaline pumping and adventurous dive. Impressive wall, a large overhang and many caves which is sometimes favorite for baby sharks to rest during the day. But there is still more to see.

Cambaquiz Slope II

Sandy slope covered with hard- and soft corals that ends up in a small wall dive. Occasionally some turtles shows up as well.

Cambaquiz Slope I

This wall can be found on the east side of Cabilao Island. Dropping down this place borders on a big sandy slope. The exceptional dive demands a trained eye to find the camouflage masters like sea needles, helmut gurnard, ghost pipefish, harlequin ghost pipefish, pegasus, shrimps and snails.

Talisay and Talisay Pier

These dive sites are very interesting because of their changing underwater scenery. Starting at Talisay with a drop off changing to a sandy slope in the middle of the dive and finally ending at Talisay Pier again with a drop off. The sandy shallow area covered with coral blocks is an ideal home to camouflage masters and is also the home of the mandarin fish seen during sunset dives.

South Point

Impressive overhang wall dive with a lot of small caves found at depth of 30 meters / 99 feet. Also seen here: stingrays and eagle rays.

Chapel Point

Some of the interesting things that can be seen in Chapel Point are hard corals, caves, overhangs, and lots of reef fish.


Major attractions to be found in this dive spot are large table corals. Like the Lighthouse, the depth for 3-Coco is at five to 50 meters. Even though the corals take center stage in this dive site, other marine life also abound here as well.

But there is much more to see around Cabilao Island.
Visit Cabilao Island and see yourself....


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